Mortal Incarnation – Lunar Radiant Dawn

Japan, and much less Tokyo, is far from a place that I’d look for good metal when we have the actual rest of the world to sift through simply because we don’t often hear a lot about Japanese material in the vast majority of occasions, but it’s in those select moments that I appreciate so much more. When it comes to their very first piece of material, it’s Mortal Incarnation that impresses at every feasible turn.

Going into this work, I had no idea whatsoever that this was Mortal Incarnation’s very first effort that they’ve put out because it really does sound like they’ve been honing their sound across a number of EPs or even albums to come to such a potent work that we’re treated to here, but that’s not the case and that makes this discovery all the more delectable in my eyes. With just two songs but sixteen minutes in total, it’s here with “Lunar Radiant Dawn” that this Japanese act impresses on a level that I wasn’t expecting in any capacity. The entirety of this dark landscape that they carve with absolute ease is very much a product of the band members immersing themselves in the sound for many years, and through such reverence, they’ve acquired an undeniable talent for the craft that led to “Lunar Radiant Dawn” sounding much more cavernous, expansive, and layered than what many other acts of the style tend to bring to the table. And while this band is tagged as death/doom, it’s the death metal that’s more often than not at the forefront of this performance with the doom rearing its head occasionally to surprise us with its crushing force. But there are boatloads of speed and ferocity all throughout this eviscerating EP that really help bring everything to the table here as Mortal Incarnation shows us what they can bring to the table, and in no way is what they deliver anything to be scoffed at in the slightest.

This is evidently just the beginning of what we’re to hear from Mortal Incarnation, and to say that they’re a promising act would be to downplay everything we hear on this EP dramatically. Right to the very end, “Lunar Radiant Dawn” holds so much within its own dazzling confines of intensity but it promises so much more that’s to follow after it.

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