Big Cypress Swamp – Occult Realm

The world of ambient and its contemporary styles is something that has had my attention for the last while with no signs of me not wanting to stop diving into its reaches for one reason for another. During this time, I’ve come to rely on two main sources: Eighth Tower Records and Unexplained Sounds Group. Both are manned mostly by the same guy, and now, he’s dipping his fingers into another corner of the realm of ambient with this new label of Big Cypress Swamp to deliver us ritual ambient and it’s with this debut compilation that we get a really good taste of what’s to come.

Any sort of label sampler whether it be to celebrate the start of the label itself or to give fans a taste of what’s to come from the label’s bands in the future, and it’s not meant to be a complete listen as though it were a full-length album from any given band. So when any compilation from all sorts of acts comes together smoother than water it’s a real shock and a huge joy to listen to over and over again, and it’s with “Occult Realm” that Big Cypress Swamp has brought together quite an eclectic group of acts, with a couple I’m familiar to but most foreign to me, that all do what I’d consider to fall in the realm of ritual ambient and it’s easily the greatest work of the style that I’ve heard since I discovered the style itself. Granted, I’ve only dipped my toes into the style over the years but it’s here with this compilation that a great, mysterious light has been revealed before my eyes in such a way that I’m more interested than ever before to hear what the style has to offer. It’s from the likes of Moloch Conspiracy to Caulbearer to Melek-tha that keep you interested every time they come around during the stretches of “Occult Realm”, and we’re fortunate enough to where every single act presented here is oozing with quality such that I can’t wait to see what these bands can do in the future as well as what Big Cypress Swamp can bring to the table as they throw albums at our faces.

It’s not too often that I get attached to any given label for any given label, but I can’t help but feel like this is undoubtedly going to be something I’m going to have to investigate every single release if this one piece is anything to glean from. “Occult Realm” has loads of talent to be had throughout all of its entries, and it’s in just about every capacity that Big Cypress Swamp promises to deliver on a level that I will happily come crawling back to with every single release.

LISTEN to “Occult Realm” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Big Cypress Swamp on Facebook here.

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