Sewer Dwellers – Fate of a Maggot

 Reaching into the world of anything related to metalcore or deathcore is the sort of thing that I simply don’t do enough and it’s simply because there isn’t a lot that reaches out to me from the style as it seems so many bands just recycle the material they hear from Killswitch over and over. But, there can occasionally be a band that actually sounds good no matter what angle you look at it from, and Sewer Dwellers definitely qualifies as such an act.

There’s a special heaviness that I’ve always enjoyed out of anything related to deathcore, but it’s practically everything else surrounding it that tends to not work out given many deathcore bands don’t know how to execute it properly (as if I would if you threw instruments at me). But, it’s every now and then that we see a band that can actually get the sound done in a tremendous way that makes me want to hear more and more, and it’s the likes of Sewer Dwellers that pull it off wondrously! The very essence of “Fate of a Maggot” brings forth plenty of what’s every made the style very interesting to begin with and it’s in every offering that we’re presented with here that Sewer Dwellers does a magnificent job at bringing nothing but glory to the style as soon as the listener hits that play button. Any fan of the style will definitely find plenty to sink their teeth into, and I’d happily use “Fate of the Maggot” to introduce many skeptics of the style to the world of deathcore as it’s not as over-the-top as what many other entires of the style call their own and it’s through such mild holding back that Sewer Dwellers excels where many others of their competition tends to lag behind. It comes together really well to make “Fate of the Maggot” something that is more than interesting to listen to, and if this is any sort of an idea of what this band will be able to whip up in the future then I can’t wait to see what exactly Sewer Dwellers can dish out!

It’s not so much that deathcore is something boring by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s the bands that make up the style which doesn’t bring anything cool to the table like Sewer Dwellers has done here. “Fate of a Maggot” doesn’t bring anything massively new to the table but it’s with plenty of understanding of their craft that this work propels itself way beyond plenty of everything else in their league with little to no struggle.

LISTEN to “Fate of a Maggot” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sewer Dwellers on Facebook here.

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