Deprecator – Tickle Time

 There have been plenty of bands that I’ve come across that try to infuse some sort of comedy into their work, and it’d be an understatement to say that most of them didn’t succeed all that well. I’ve come across less than a handful of bands that have actually done a good job at doing so, but it’s here with Deprecator that we’ve gotten an example of one band that actually does the concept pretty well.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t lower my expectations just a little bit when I find out that any given material is comedic in nature in any sort of way simply because it seems like any band that performs it doesn’t do a good job at actually performing it. When I found out that Deprecator took influence from the greats we all know like Anthrax and Exodus only to take their serious tones and shifting them into something much more care-free or just not quite as serious. The very name of “Tickle Time” was the first inkling that I had Deprecator was going down this path, but it’s with just four tracks to call its own that this EP does a solid job at presenting the subject. The music itself is some class thrash metal that I have no sort of promise with whatsoever, and it’s likely in the lyrical content that the comedy resides but I, sadly, cannot understand them or pick out the words, but that doesn’t make a difference to me as each track presented to us with “Tickle Time” is anything from a joke. Deprecator shows a clear understanding of their style such that it has plenty of potency to it and should they ever think to switch to a much more serious tone, I cannot think of a better band to keep an eye on and I stick to that even if they don’t change their tone.

There’s power in this EP and promise a band that can actually do their craft well, and that’s more than what plenty of what Deprecator’s competition brings to the table the likes of which I wouldn’t mind absorbing more of. “Tickle Time” may not have much to call its own, but it definitely has enough to leave an impression that can keep me coming back time after time.

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