Unexplained Sounds Group – Anthology of Persian Experimental Music

I’ve always enjoyed it when certain labels and/or groups shine a light onto the music scene of places that we normally don’t think to look at. It’s never really often that I sit here and wonder what the experimental scene of somewhere like Africa sounds like, but it’s thanks to the hard work behind Unexplained Sounds Group that we’re able to have a glimpse into these rarely heralded scenes with the rarely discussed artists that deserve attention. This time, the Group turns their eyes to the lands that Persia once occupied, namely Iran, to bring forth artists that are more than worthy of discussion.

Without getting too much into it, I figured this would be a solid idea right from the get-go seeing how, given the history of Persia itself, it’s not unlikely that some of the foundations of music itself were discussed and grew within Persian borders that would greatly influence how the West and everywhere else performs. That’s a very interesting view at it for me, but even just looking at this Anthology as plainly as possible is still a damn good boon for any person interested in experimental music. Sixteen different artists, only one of which I’ve heard before, with all different approaches to the realm of experimental music grace this compilation, and it’s every single one of them, whether or not they’re there as digital bonuses, that provides an entirely unique flavor whether it be mainly from the realm of dark ambient or even something that brings together electronic elements with even a traditional Middle Eastern sound in an ambitious step forward that works surprisingly well. Such a compilation like this is becoming more common thanks to Unexplained Sounds Group bringing them to the surface for us to sift through, but it’s important to realize just how good these acts actually sound! They all bring something different to the table to where they all contribute something special that makes them stand out from the rest of the style instead of fitting into a mold that would ultimately make them a true bore to listen to, and, fortunately, they avoid that trap like it’s nothing.

Such compilations like this are tremendous works that can really show us a level of an unknown scene that so many of us would normally never give a thought to, and I’m definitely included in that but it’s only thanks to Unexplained Sounds Group and the efforts of each individual acts here that we can get as much as sixteen unique takes that are just as enjoying to sink your teeth into as they are to analyze. Plenty of these are worth noting and are more than deserving of a spotlight no matter how brief, it’s “Anthology of Persian Experimental Music” that sets the bar for all of its successors to come.

LISTEN to “Anthology of Persian Experimental Music” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Unexplained Sounds Group on Facebook here.

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