Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race

There aren’t very many bands that have been able to find such a fanbase the likes of which that I’ve seen in the underground much like Blood Incantation who has been a band on my radar for years now. I find myself usually enjoying their work quite a bit but not as much as what many other people would figure given their fanatical love for Blood Incantation. Their works are far from anything to scoff at, but it’s single-handedly with this new work that I can fully appreciate as it’s Blood Incantation doing what they do best.

Any single person who could call themselves even a periodical explorer of the underground and all that it has to offer has heard of Blood Incantation and their space-themed death metal that can easily take on a progressive form that is nigh on entrancing as the band can easily shift from a vicious riff to a dazzling display of progressive power to a cosmic atmosphere that’s as bewildering as it is haunting to witness in all its grandeur. No other material that I’ve heard from this band has been able to be as remarkable as what we have with “Hidden History of the Human Race”. While this album is a little on the short side with me as it only has four tracks to it despite the finale being 18 minutes long, there’s still plenty within its confines that shows us that Blood Incantation certainly does live up to their grandiose reputation. There’s so much dazzling excellence to be had here that it’s hard to encapsulate into words as this act really went somewhere else in order to craft this album, and it shows at virtually every turn throughout the mysterious work that is “Hidden History of the Human Race”. It all comes together spectacularly such that Blood Incantation can effortlessly switch between their core sounds with such frequency and talent that it’s all but staggering to witness as well as how well it’s all done to such great effect. Blood Incantation works as one solid unit throughout their mysterious works that show us this band is at their absolute peak here and that anyone who feels they can get into this craft will find themselves absolutely captured by the grandeur that is “Hidden History of the Human Race”.

There were few bands whose release became as anticipated in the world of metal like that of Blood Incantation given their track record thus far, and it’s only further with this album that their excellent catalog has done nothing but expand. The very essence of “Hidden History of the Human Race” is such that everything that branches forth from it can’t be considered any less than damn good brilliance.

LISTEN to “Hidden History of the Human Race” on Bandcamp here.

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