A Headless Horse – Belong / The Moon Into Blood

Plenty of shoegaze can be really entrancing at times, but there are also plenty of moments when I find myself incredibly bored with the sound because of the lack of energy that’s going around or the band itself just doesn’t seem all that into what they’re playing. That makes for a really flat and hollow performance with no meat to it whatsoever, and it’s far from entertaining. Luckily, many bands can avoid such a fate and it’s with this EP that A Headless Horse shows us with just two tracks they can do it really well.

The basics of what we’ve come to expect from the world of shoegaze from the simplistic sounds to immersive atmosphere are, as I’m sure you all know, anything but uncommon for the world of music nowadays where a minimalistic but atmospheric take can be heralded as a masterpiece to the right ears. A Headless Horse is just one act in an ocean of others who I’ve never heard of before, and while I’d normally like more than two tracks to get a feel for what a band sounds like, it’s with “Belong / The Moon Into Blood” that we get a really solid look into what these musicians are capable of. With the basic formula of the expected laid out flat and clear for us to eat right up, A Headless Horse is far from afraid to crank things up a bit with the energy and sonic peaks to really give this little EP a much more varied soundscape than some of its contemporaries, and that’s what makes it stand out for me. So many can be afraid of variety, but, when done even half well, it can make for a listen that is quite captivating and “Belong / The Moon Into Blood” demonstrates that magnificently well without a single moment of hesitation to be had. To say that A Headless Horse did a solid job here would be an egregious understatement.

There’s nothing done here that can’t be said is far off from a by the books work for its kind, but it’s clear by the end of either song that A Headless Horse knows how to play to the strengths of the sound while still exploring elsewhere to keep things exciting which they’re highly effective at performing. I would’ve liked more from “Belong / The Moon Into Blood”, but it’s still quite a good work to get familiar with.

LISTEN to “Belong / The Moon Into Blood” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW A Headless Horse on Twitter: @aheadlesshorse

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