In Human Form – III

A black metal band that comes around that seeks to shake up the formula even in a small way is far from a rare sight nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less interesting to investigate than ever. There really does seem to be something for everyone even if they don’t know it, and the style has long been fruitful for someone like me who loves to see innovation and fresh works constantly springing out of the woodwork. In Human Form is no longer a new name to the style, and their sound has been exquisite for some time but it’s with the upcoming work that they’ve definitely reached a peak in every aspect.

With such a seemingly simple cover art like that, you really wouldn’t expect something along the lines of progressive black metal when you hit that play button, do you? I certainly wouldn’t, but just the band’s name alone precedes them as they absolutely dominate their simply named “III” for a performance that is truly anything but simple. There are but three tracks to this album, but given the shortest track is over seven minutes with the largest clocking in over twenty, it’s hard to say anything except that In Human Form really fucking went for it with this album and it shows spectacularly! Not a single speck of what’s brought forth for “III” should be considered lackluster in the slightest as In Human Form can effortlessly shifting between a barrage of black metal that can be considered moderately standard, solos that feel like they belong in a banging heavy metal piece, saxophone pieces that are the most captivating that I’ve seen since Arkheth, and a grand diversity in sound all throughout each track that it’s near impossible to become bored with such glory constantly on display! It’s engaging. It’s fun. It’s dynamic. It’s got real power to it backed up by unwavering talent. It’s a damn good listen. It’s everything I could’ve asked for out of In Human Form and so much more!

“III” undoubtedly brings out the best of anything this band has ever hinted at, and every note that’s put forth here are no less than staggering to listen to should you allow them the chance to truly take you. In Human Form have been at the top of their class for some time now, but it’s single-handedly with this piece that they’ve outdone themselves on a grand scale.
“III” releases on December 13th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced, single version of the first track from “III” on Bandcamp here.

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