Chasmdweller – Invoking the Wrath of the Seventh Circle

The number of bands that try to have an eclectic sound that tends to fall flat on their faces without much success can really seem to be astronomical at times, but when you really dig for the good stuff it easily outnumbers the bad. A damn near perfect example one that manages to rise above the challenge is Chasmdweller who earlier this year really impressed me with their debut effort that blended together death and doom with surprising pieces of dungeon synth, and I wasn’t expecting to hear back from them so soon. Despite some small tweakings to their sound, they still easily defeat that previous challenge.

While it was with a tremendous amount of exploration that Chasmdweller conquered their first work as they brought dungeon synth to a very flavorful landscape, it’s with the follow-up that they will close the year on that we see the band mostly, if not completely, abandon their elements of dungeon synth to bring forth a style that’s still along the same lines but noticeably different than its predecessor. “Invoking the Wrath of the Seventh Circle” is a significantly more dangerous weapon that has loads of devices to call its own, but Chasmdweller makes due with death and doom metal that is nigh on potent and more than deadly for their grim task, and all seven tracks show off their power at virtually every single turn. There’s a clear effort throughout this work that’s meant to burrow its way into your skull via no less than maximum force, and it’s each song that provides one unique lobotomy after another and provides constantly provides us with a visage of hell that is horrifying just to fathom. All of “Invoking the Wrath of the Seventh Circle” is toxic to the touch, and amazingly gripping at that! So much of what Chasmdweller has poured forth here is far for the faint of heart, and should you want an experience that is the very definition of uncompromising and one continuous lesson of audial hellfire.

Albums like this are far from uncommon in concept as well as the underground for those who are brave enough to attempt it, but there are rarely pieces like this which can provide such an idea with staggering quality that Chasmdweller brought forth for their debut only to show us that they can yet again bring it forth for the follow-up. Just the first few tracks alone of “Invoking the Wrath of the Seventh Circle” are enough to show us that Chasmdweller are beyond capable of producing multiple standout works, and I truly can’t wait to see what else they can dish out.

“Invoking the Wrath of the Seventh Circle” releases on December 13th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Invoking the Wrath of the Seventh Circle” on Bandcamp here.

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