Solace – The Brink

The realm of stoner metal is something that people can say is either filled with throngs of acts that are unremarkable at best, but, should you be willing to dig for the good ones like with any style of metal, there can be some truly astounding works that are to be had. Solace is a name that I’ve seen floating around every now and then when exploring the style, but I’ve never actually sat down to listen to them. After listening to their upcoming work for several hours, I can easily say that I am a damned fool for not investigating them sooner.

To say that this album is the pinnacle of the what the style will have come to by the end of the year for the entirety of the past year would be an egregious understatement simply because it’s by the fourth track alone that Solace entrances us on a level that only a truly unique band of the style can pull off with such quality and excellence. It’s every single piece and note of “The Brink” that is absolutely staggering to behold as Solace does an absolutely phenomenal job of making art of out of riffs and calculated heaviness such that all eleven tracks of this amazing work are something that must be heard by any fan of the style in any capacity. There’s so much diversity to be had within the confines of “The Brink” that even after listening to it for hours on end it’s still immensely entertaining and gripping right from the first track as Solace has the talent to make riffs pour forth more smoothly than water itself, they can provide a nice left turn that works all too well like how we see in “Shallows Fade”, the amazing quality that permeates every single drop of what’s to be had here, and the undeniable mastery with which Solace commands their brand of stoner metal such that all that “The Brink” calls its own is nothing short of stupendous that should be heralded from beginning to end no matter what. It wouldn’t be far off to call this the most standout work of its style that this year has thrown at us, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example both before and after this wondrous work drops.

The very end of the year continues to be full of one magnificent piece after another as works like this are constantly being thrown around as if quality like this was commonplace, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth for “The Brink” given how awesome the entirety of the work is. Should you be in the same boat that I was in just earlier today, I cannot help but urge you do discover this amazing album upon its release for if it has any of the same effects on you as it did for me, Solace will deliver an undeniable experience that is filled with absolute fun and true wonder.

“The Brink” releases on December 12th via Blues Funeral Recordings!

LISTEN to an advance track from “The Brink” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Solace on Facebook here.

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