Façade – The Eternal Dance

Just alone in the past month, I’ve been through an absolute rollercoaster of doom metal that has yet to truly cease no matter how long the trend seems to stop and I can explore other styles without worrying about what else the doom world could throw at me. The most recent silence didn’t last long, and it’s in this newest wave that I explored a record that was the very definition of eclectic doom. Façade is far from new to the scene, but they’re sure to be new to many ears like they were to mine tonight but it’s with their upcoming record their name better spread far and wide.

The colorful cover art is all but fitting for “The Eternal Dance” as it perfectly captures the spectacular nature that Façade somehow brings to the table for this album, and it’s in every single track that we see a slightly different approach as this band lumbers forth as one powerful unit. Now, Façade prefers the slower end of the spectrum as only one of their goes below ten minutes in length, but it’s throughout all except the finale that “The Eternal Dance” boasts a massive presence that is not to be ignored or underestimated as each track speaks absolute volumes minute by minute when it comes to both the content itself and its diversity. Whether it’s in the for of a lurching riff or a brief interlude that’s the peak of tranquility, there isn’t a single sound that Façade attempts that isn’t pulled off with staggering talent and surprising expertise that it makes me wonder why the fuck haven’t I heard of this band before! There isn’t one cavernous lesion that “The Eternal Dance” mercilessly leaves in our psyche that isn’t done with masterful precision or the deadliest intent that helps the staying power and true potency of this record shine even more as if it needed any more help in doing so. And the whole of “The Eternal Dance” is truly gripping to where even the final song – a truly harrowing introspective into the human psyche about the very concept of nothingness and oblivion as we think we know it that leaves a real cavity in the soul that bears the form of dreadful self-awareness – is astounding to listen to whether you’re hoping for a tremendous display of power that many doom acts seek to create, wanting atmospheres that only the properly trained and initiated can pull off right, or even both which Façade brings to the table with utmost confidence to back them right up.

There are a truly astounding amount of bands that seem to have material coming out at the end of the year, and Façade simply throws their name in that already-stacked hat as well to make people like me who have to make year-end lists truly sweat for the quality of this may just fuck me right up. Every single facet of this album I wouldn’t dare change as to tamper with the genius produced here, and it’s in every last drop that “The Eternal Dance” provides that we can see no less than absolute glory.

“The Eternal Dance” releases on November 29th!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “The Eternal Dance” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Façade on Facebook here.

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