Dimaeon – Void

It’s usually when I hear about progressive death metal that I think more towards the lines of tech-death and its massive craziness from almost angles. But, like most things, there’s the occasional curveball that absolutely astounds me that makes me simply want more of that deliciousness out of the far-out left field. Dimaeon has taken progressive metal and has, instead, infused it with death metal to create a new album that is no less than absolutely marvelous to listen to as it’s a gift that just keeps on giving with every single listen.

Granted, I know this is far from the first occasion of death-infused progressive metal, but this is easily the first time that I’ve seen a band do it so predominantly and so fucking well that it stuck by the end of the first track to make the entire rest of the material something to truly salivate over. “Void” is anything but, and Dimaeon knows how to bring such an interesting sound to life in such high quality with such grandeur seeping out of every single note. It’s not even just death and progressive elements that are brought to the table here but also bits of doom and even some classy piano work at some point to show us that Dimaeon are constantly trying new things to challenge themselves as musicians, and I can’t help but love that. That drive alone has enabled “Void” to become something else that can easily swirl around a core of progressive death to make an exciting album that just doesn’t know how to stop giving us pure glory track after track. Dimaeon constantly delivers on a front that is no less than staggering, and this entire work is something to be applauded as the whole of this album is far from anything sneeze at in any form from its composition to its execution to its structure right down to the fucking cover art!

There’s so much going on within the confines of this record that it’s hard to keep track of it all, but somehow even with so many different elements swirling all over the place, Dimaeon handles it with utmost skill and grace. The ending result is the glorious work of “Void” that absolutely needs to be heard by any person who likes their metal at least slightly outside of the box with a “just fucking go for it” attitude, for there isn’t a single ounce of this record that isn’t positively oozing with that mentality.

“Void” releases on November 29th!

LISTEN to the first song from “Void” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Dimaeon on Facebook here.

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