Ade – Rise of the Empire

It really does seem like that as the year goes on, more and more excellence keeps coming out to really astound us fans and especially people like me who need to make year-end lists specifically because it’s going to make our job at the end of the year even harder than it already fucking is. There has already been a menagerie of phenomenal releases this year, but it’s in the final quarter that it feels every band putting shit out is doing it with true mastery. Ade is no different as it’s with their follow-up to their astounding last album that they provide us an experience that, yet again, should not be ignored at all.

There’s something that should be said and revered to the idea of Roman death/folk metal with how perfect such an idea is and how well-executed we’ve gotten the idea from just Ade alone without even involving the bigger name that performs the idea, Ex Deo. If you ask me, though, it’s Ade that clearly on top of their own little corner of metal as they’ve done nothing but absolutely dominate up to now, and it’s “Rise of the Empire” that only continues their fiery assault. Much like everything else they’ve done, it’s through every single track that we’re given here throughout this album is the exact sort of grand epicness that is to be expected from anything having to do with the ancient Romans, and Ade brings them to the world of metal in absolute glorious fashion as always. Every aspect of “Rise of the Empire” is intoxicating from beginning to end as it’s this caustic blend of death metal and amazingly executed folk metal that really brings to life what Ade is going for here, and, much like everything they’ve done before, it’s an experience that must be listened to by anyone who considers themselves even a little bit of a fan for both. From the roaring entrances to the defiant endings, there isn’t a single ounce of what’s brought to the table here that isn’t done in the most exemplary fashion such that it wouldn’t be far off to call this one of the most interesting works of both death and folk metal to easily make this one of the most compelling works of its kind that we’ve gotten in years. Truly, it’s only fitting that “Rise of the Empire” surpasses the competition with lightning speed and stupendous deadliness and it’s no surprise to me whatsoever that Ade was capable of bringing such enrapturing power with their material just like they always have.

An upward trend of any band can easily be ruined by a single misstep, but it’s only the most talented that can just keep it going with true power and excellence in each hand such as what Ade has done here to bring forth a record that’s damn good in every single facet. “Rise of the Empire” is a tremendous work that’s a perfect capture of what the legions brought forth upon their enemies, and it’s with the same intensity that Ade has delivered us something yet again that should not be denied.

“Rise of the Empire” releases on November 8th via Extreme Metal Music!

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