Vacivus – Annihilism

I’ve had the immense pleasure of witnessing many promising acts spawn forth from the very depths of the underground in the almost six years of me doing these reviews, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. When I first stumbled upon Vacivus years ago, I knew that this band was something that, if given the right treatment, could blossom into something staggering. They were given time and a great label to sign to that helped their already vicious sound climb to new heights, and it’s with their brand new offering that Vacivus provides us what’s can easily be considered their magnum opus. At least for now, anyway.

I was absolutely stoked when this album was announced as it makes yet another act I’ve come to have great respect for that has decided to grace us with more material in 2019, and I was all but confident in thinking that “Annihilism” would be an exemplary work of death metal that would somehow top the previous material that we’ve seen from this act before at least a little bit. To say that Vacivus has absolutely outdone themselves with this album would be to downplay the immense grandeur that this album acquires in just two tracks with the remainder of the album being one magnificent lesson after another as to just why exactly this band is not to be fucked with! There isn’t a single track that Vacivus doesn’t execute with amazing precision whether it’s in the form of straight murderous death metal that really knows how to get right underneath your skin in tremendous fashion or a subtle but immensely effective sonic retreat that’s always a prelude to the aforementioned voracious death metal. It’s a combination and sound that any fan of the style has heard on numerous previous occasions, but Vacivus pulls it off with such a grotesque sound and masterful approach that it makes all the songs that adorn “Annihilism” something that needs to be heard by any self-respecting fan of modern death metal for this release has got just about everything you could ask for. It’s as corrosive to the mind as it is seductive to the ears, and Vacivus capitalizes at every potential moment to make “Annihilism” a work that should be heralded as their absolute best so far.


LISTEN to “Annihilism” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vacivus on Facebook here.

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