King Hiss – Earthquaker

The desire to bring some hard-hitting rock to the stage is an idea that has propelled throngs upon throngs of bands for decades now with the love for music and desire for recognition burning strong at the hearts of innumerable bands. When it comes to King Hiss, they’re really here only to melt our faces with their breakneck pacing and ferocious energy. That’s been on display very much throughout their time, especially on their last album, and it’s with this new offering that they still refuse to offer any sort of reprieve for anyone unprepared for what they bring to the table.

The brand of rock that King Hiss wields in their music is the kind that’s immensely explosive to the touch and is something that should not be underestimated for even a second. Before you even know it, King Hiss can easily set off into a surprisingly catchy array of riffs that dig deep into your ears to where you can’t help but listen or they can lure you into a trap before bashing your skull in with a heaviness that can easily come right out of nowhere. That’s just the very basis for what “Earthquaker” seeks to devastate the listener with, and it’s with each track that King Hiss succeeds stupendously. This entire album is an excellently eclectic work that really knows how to pummel in all the right areas while still having the skill and knowledge to pull back at the right moment only to come back for an even more powerful wallop that does not disappoint in the slightest. The title for “Earthquaker” is all but perfect for this album given how easily every single track can shake the very earth for anyone who listens to this massive work, and King Hiss more than happily obliges to blow away everyone at the drop of the hat when given the opportunity.

There are tons and tons of albums like this that are almost always floating around trying to grab our attention and convince us they sound good without really doing anything all that interesting to grasp our attention, but it’s King Hiss that knows how to keep us gripped right from the beginning and this record is far from different. Ounce for ounce, “Earthquaker” is a work that is not to be fucked with and is a work that I cannot help but recommend for any single fan of hard-hitting rock to check out and get absolutely pulverized by.

“Earthquaker” releases on November 1st!

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FOLLOW King Hiss on Twitter: @kinghissband

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