Trup – Szmula

It’s not too terribly often that I visit the locale of noise as it’s only every now and then that I want to visit just a style with how amazingly harsh it is in concept and execution on almost every single occasion. But, it’s even less often that I listen to it when combined with metal simply because I don’t see that often whatsoever! That’s such an interesting combination that’s ripe for so much but not many bands go for it, and it’s with their upcoming work that Trup has grabbed such a concept right by the balls and made it work magnificently.

Just looking at the tracklist and seeing how “Szmula” starts off with a song that just barely stretches over a minute but then builds so that it closes with an over eight-minute finale made me raise my eyebrow in intrigue just because I was so curious as to what exactly Trup was going to do for a minute-long song, and that’s not even questioning how they’d do with eight minutes! But, right off the bat, Trup makes it clear that they make it clear that they are an extremely frenetic band almost to the point where the instruments can twitch right into multiple different directions at any given time. There’s something about the ridiculous nature of “Szmula” that Trup nails spectacularly that bring together the voracious noise elements with the skin-eating parts of the death metal that make these eight tracks a unique listen that not many other bands can say they’ve even dared to create, and it’s hard to explain! Trup brings tremendous energy to every single track so that there isn’t even a moment throughout this album that feels like it’s lacking in the content as it does no less than revel in its nonconformity and corrosive tones.

There’s so much swirling within the confines of “Szmula” that just analyzing it is one thing and then trying to put the caustic and amazingly engaging madness into words is a herculean task that is to be shuttered to so all I can say in the end is to just experience this craziness by yourself. You need to truly just let Trup take you as it’s with their very unique blend that makes for a potent cocktail that is not to be underestimated when it comes to its power nor its flavor.

“Szmula” releases on October 18th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Szmula” on Bandcamp here.

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