Gruzja – Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu

Some bands just don’t know how to stay quiet. It really feels like bands that can manage to put out multiple works in a single year are hard to come by yet pretty numerous at the same time and that’s incredibly odd, but far from anything that I’d come close to complaining about. I wasn’t expecting anymore as we’re drawing a close to 2019, but that didn’t stop Gruzja from wanting to follow-up their debut album less than ten months after its release. And when I say they improved upon it I mean they fucking smashed it with this stunning new effort!

Before I even sat down to listen to “Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu”, I took a quick spin of its predecessor to hopefully get me in the right mindset for what Gruzja was going to deliver with this effort. I still find a good deal of enjoyment out of it and will still come back to it, but there is very little in that first album that can accurately translate what Gruzja brings to the table here. Sure, the first four tracks are on the same road and are still great with a non-stop pace that is simply captivating that brings together tremendous riffs and a great understanding of their craft, but it’s with the fifth song that “Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu” takes a turn. There’s no possible way I could’ve expected it as it came right out of fucking nowhere. It’s almost as though Gruzja became experimental in nature as that’s precisely the feeling that permeates plenty of the record after track five, and it rarely persists but always delivers a unique sense of euphoria where this band shines in a completely different light than before. Showcasing some mild psychedelia, a unique brand of vocals that complements the black metal riffage surprisingly well, a calculated silence that’s as cavernous as it is deep, there isn’t much about that part of “Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu” that doesn’t absolutely bewilder. And by no means does the black metal take the back seat for those sections, but, rather, they are molded to suit the innovation that Gruzja are trying to invoke and it’s all pulled off masterfully!

Seeing such excellence that when put with everything else work out on such a magnificent scale makes me really, really wonder what exactly Gruzja are capable of because they are clearly able to craft something that can definitely be called astonishing. The many layers of “Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu” are truly something to behold for any fan of the style, and it’s at every turn here that we are delivered goods whose quality cannot be questioned or underestimated.

“Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu” releases on October 18th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced song from “Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu” on Bandcamp here.

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