Albatross Overdrive – Ascendant

The very spirit of rock itself is something that cannot be talked about enough as its very idea has pierced the hearts and souls of many generations of fans at this point, and it, thankfully, shows little sign of going away despite plenty of people claiming rock is dead and such jargon. Many bands out there still bring loads of flavor and soul to the land of rock in ways that very few other styles can replicate especially in the high quantity that rock constantly delivers. One could say it’s stiff competition, and it is in a way, but numerous acts make it work just like how Albatross Overdrive has done here with just seven tracks.

It’s been a constant theme with me that a proper rock record of this breed and caliber should definitely have fun as one of its core reasons for existing given that it always adds so much flavor and character to every single album it becomes a part of, and when it’s paired with riffs there’s almost no situation where it comes out bad. Countless bands have done their best to bring it to life with so much success to be had, and, easily, it’s with “Ascendant” that Albatross Overdrive achieves just that without breaking much a sweat. You’d normally expect an album like this to have at least ten tracks for the band in question to flex their muscles and show us what they’re really made of, but Albatross Overdrive accomplishes it wondrously with just seven. Loads of riffs and great energy that permeates every moment of “Ascendant” are what one can expect when going into this record, and some may have a problem with that because why get so into something that’s been done arguably to death? Because it fucking works in the right hands and Albatross Overdrive are hands that make it work stupendously! If it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it, and “Ascendant” does a great job showing that such a tried and true formula is far from having its potency fade away.

Many could argue that there are many other works of rock that are worth talking about more than something that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but just because a band doesn’t really do anything new to shake up the formula, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth listening to. Right from the beginning, “Ascendant” already promises a fun listen and Albatross Overdrive does nothing but deliver on that promise in every way throughout this riff-filled record that’s a simple joy to listen to.

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