Sartegos – O Sangue da Noite

“Highly anticipated”. That’s a phrase that many reviewers like myself see literally all the time with so many different albums trying to be sold on us by making us think whatever band with a half-decent following will have any new album that they throw “highly anticipated” onto because it just sounds nice. Most of the time, I’ve never even heard of any of these fucking bands so it’s hard to know what’s truly fit for such a description. Very rarely does it actually fit the album in question, and it’s with Sartegos that it absolutely fits especially if you’ve heard anything of this act in the past few years. After several EPs and splits that are all noteworthy, it’s now that we finally get a full-length release from Sartegos that is all but made for the description of being highly anticipated.

The excellence with which Sartegos has always provided in all of the efforts they’ve delivered up until now have all been the very definition of teasing with how awesome they are, and fans have been clamoring for a full-length offering from this band for some time now. Finally, after constant peeks into their world, it’s with “O Sangue da Noite” that we get everything we could’ve possibly asked for from this act as Sartegos does nothing but fucking satisfies at every turn! With cover art that’s just as dark and mysterious as the band itself, it’s throughout every point of “O Sangue da Noite” that we’re treated to some of the darkest riffs that the night can provide us. It’s at so many points throughout the ten tracks that Sartegos has crafted that we’re all but eviscerated with their tremendous sound that’s as enrapturing as is it intense. The whole of this work is a true ode to the night in all of its ominous moments mixed perfectly with reigned in ferocity that makes even the smallest moments of “O Sangue da Noite” grandiose in subtle yet spectacular fashion. Somehow, with a sound that always hits true from beginning to end, Sartegos has executed an album that’s as wide as it is deep but done with remarkable simplicity the likes of which we rarely get because it’s so hard to achieve nicely. And that, right there, is just another testament to the grandeur with which “O Sangue da Noite” was executed with so many other elements of marvelous work to be had.

If I’m being honest, I would’ve been perfectly content if Sartegos went the entire rest of the time as a band going with just EPs and splits as the occasional peaks are all but intriguing no matter how many times we get them, but it’s here that Sartegos has absolutely spoiled us with so much glory to be had throughout the entirety of this effort. The whole of “O Sangue da Noite” is truly something to behold for any person that’s new to the name or familiar with Sartegos and I can almost guarantee great satisfaction with this massive record.

“O Sangue da Noite” releases on November 29th via I, Voidhanger Records and Blood Harvest Records!

LISTEN to the title track on Bandcamp here.

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