Clouds Taste Satanic – Second Sight

We usually get one release from a band every few years as we all know with that being the typical case that we almost always find ourselves in. But, it’s every now and then that we get a little spoiled as fans. Some bands aren’t content with just one release appearing in a given year and they come back around for another round, sometimes even more. While I’d love to have gotten even more out of Clouds Taste Satanic this year, I’m more than ecstatic to have gotten two albums from them with only six months separating them. “Evil Eye” was a grand entry into the already stellar catalog that they’ve made for themselves over the past few years and it remains one of my favorite pieces this year will have thrown at me by the time we come to its end, but it’s single-handedly with the round two that is “Second Sight” that we have gotten what I believe to be some of the best material from Clouds Taste Satanic, if not their best.

With what’s essentially the part-two of the material Clouds Taste Satanic has based around The Theory and Practice of Satanic Magic as what’s transcribed in the Satanic Bible, it’d be a bit much to expect a massive shift in sound or even performance when it came to anticipating “Second Sight” after hearing “Evil Eye”. Both releases hold true to the core ideal with which Clouds Taste Satanic has been making a killing off of: riffs for fucking days! And also like “Evil Eye”, there are but two tracks that adorn this treat that stretch over forty minutes when put together to make for an absolute rollercoaster of an experience that takes us through every single facet that instrumental doom could ever possibly cover. Who better to man that train than this band? What sets “Second Sight” above the rest of what we’ve seen from this act before is somehow captured perfectly in the riveting speechless narration that’s more gripping than any other work of its kind and Clouds Taste Satanic capitalize on every single note that adorns this massive effort to make for a monolithic listen.

Whereas it was with “Evil Eye” that the drowning riffage could be likened to that of drowning yourself in dark magics that were just as seductive as they were mysterious, it’s here with “Second Sight” that we get what feels like a triumphant rising of a sort of spiritual enlightenment with the closing minutes of this album feeling like you’re erupting from a suffocating darkness that’s always trying to keep you down, but it’s with these undeniable riffs that we are saved in the most glorious of fashion! These riffs are very much the sorts of stuff we should expect from Clouds Taste Satanic at this point, and they’re far from different for what we’ve gotten from this band in the past but in no way does that take away from the pure excellence of what we’re treated at every turn throughout “Second Sight”. They feel so much more fulfilling with their purpose feeling so grand and their massive presence awe-inspiring in such a level that we’ve seen plenty moments of across what we’ve seen before from Clouds Taste Satanic, but it’s in every single note of the wonder that is “Second Sight” that we’re granted numerous boons of doom majesty that are all but perfect for any fan of the style. I can easily say without a doubt in my mind or heart whatsoever that this performance right here is one of the most pristine works of doom that we’re to get by the end of the year with it checking off every single mark that a great doom record should.

Riffs for days. A sense of grandeur that permeates every single moment. A constant display of power that quits for no man. Excellence that only comes from years of crafting what can already be considered magnificent on every scale. That’s just the beginning of what can be described of this record, and I mean every single word of that with utmost sincerity as Clouds Taste Satanic are simply at the very top of their game without breaking a single fucking sweat while doing it! There isn’t a single moment of “Second Sight” that I’d change in the slightest, and it’s with one triumphant note after another that this album should happily take a seat at the table of some of the greatest works of doom that 2019 has thrown our way amongst the ocean that it’s already thrown our way.

“Second Sight” releases on October 31st!

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