Forsaken Profits – Destroy the Evidence

It’s not terribly often that I find myself in the world of punk but I’ve long had favorable feelings towards the chaotic cousin of metal and rock. The style has plenty of character to it despite it having a reputation for just being loud madness for teenagers with a little too much outward angst or drunk morons who don’t know how to shut up, but there’s loads more to punk that almost always catches my ears whenever I find myself venturing into the style. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve ventured into the territory, and it’s with Forsaken Profits that I’ve made yet another successful dive into that caustic realm of riots and street fires.

Such chaos and energy that goes into virtually every punk record is something that you really need to have a good grip on in order to wield it properly lest you just drown yourself in it to only create a crazy mess that has no form to latch onto in any way. It could be very easy for any band of the style to just lose themselves without even realizing they had, but just that problem is something that Forsaken Profits has dodged with a good amount of success with their latest offering, “Destroy the Evidence”, holding ground with sixteen potent tracks that do nothing but bring further glory to the realm of all that is punk. So much of what constitutes the core of this vicious release is massive energy that spans plenty of the topics that span punk as a style coupled with voracious riffage and undeniable power that makes for an increasingly potent listen as “Destroy the Evidence” trudges on. And while the vocals can sometimes stray into a style that I’m not the greatest fan of, their power fits the chaotic thunder that soaks up every moment of “Destroy the Evidence” such that Forsaken Profits proudly wields it in every occasion and at every turn.

This is far from an album that I’d consider as one of the better punk works that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, but Forsaken Profits has created a listen that’s truly scathing from start to finish and is more than worthy of a listen for anyone who has considered themselves a fan of a punk. “Destroy the Evidence” retreads plenty of the same steps that punk has found itself crossing over the decades, but it’s with loads of character and energy that Forsaken Profits manages to overcome such a challenge with solid success.

LISTEN to “Destroy the Evidence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Forsaken Profits on Facebook here.

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