Darkend – Spiritual Resonance

There are some bands out there that clearly fall within a specific style of metal that many people can try and argue about but it’s all but clear to those who are paying attention, but then a few of that already select group take things truly above and beyond with sounds that take the style to almost completely new heights that we rarely see if at all. Darkend has long now been a band that’s taken black metal to a height that we’re very rarely treated to with their constant twists and turns with so many different elements going into it that makes the destination all but unknown to the listener. That hasn’t changed with their latest offering, but it’s here that Darkend seems to have pulled out all the stops to bring us what’s easily their grandest achievement.

Labeling themselves as “extreme ritual metal”, it could be easy for one to think that Darkend is taking their sound far too seriously and making it sound needlessly archaic and over-the-top. But, upon not much inspection of what they bring to the table, it becomes clear that such a description is not far off with how grandiose and deliciously peculiar Darkend’s sound has been especially with their efforts since they started dishing out full-lengths at the start of the decade. It’s here, though, that Darkend has outdone themselves in practically every aspect with “Spiritual Resonance”. Right from the beginning, the ritual aspect of Darkend’s unique flavor takes center stage for the perfect amount of time before the extreme aspects that I’ve come to love come busting right in without hesitation and with a great purpose as well as style. Spread throughout this spectacular work, we’re constantly treated to a grand diversity amongst the tracks in every part of what Darkend provides us from the vocals to the performance of each song to the immaculate nature that adorns every single moment of “Spiritual Resonance”. There’s so much going on within the confines of what’s on display here that it’s still hard to encapsulate with words even after listening to this record well over a dozen times just today in order for me to truly get a grip on just how marvelous this release is.

One spin of this mammoth effort is truly not enough to behold the sheer majesty that Darkend has topped themselves with in every form and I’ll gladly be damned if this record isn’t hailed as one peculiar marble that’s to be heard by throngs of people. Should the trials of smoke and shadow that “Spiritual Resonance” brings to the table not be hailed as one of the most interesting records this year will have thrown at us when we come to its end, then that is a true crime worthy of damnation that I’ll happily bring with me.

LISTEN to “Spiritual Resonance” on Bandcamp here.

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