Cirith Ungol – I’m Alive

There aren’t many other bands whose careers are as fabled as that of Cirith Ungol, and it’s not hard to see why if you’ve been into metal for even a year much less several. When I first entered the world metal, I had no idea but after just a year of soaking myself into it, I found myself almost all but familiar with the name of Cirith Ungol as a band. They’ve been a name to know well after their debut and it’s now more than ever that Cirith Ungol has a presence that demands to be heard! I’ve never had the fortune of being able to see this nearly mythical band play live before, but it’s soon that we all can! With “I’m Alive” bringing not one but two live performances that are simply electrifying in their essence, peons like me can finally experience the majesty of a live Cirith Ungol in all of its excellence.

There isn’t much to say about Cirith Ungol that hasn’t been said before if I’m being completely honest here. Their tale is simply legendary and really there isn’t a single person that can describe the band in such a way that can give them enough justice as the only true way to fathom just how grand this band is to listen to their music. The four grandiose full-length albums that they put out all those years ago have still stood the test of time without any bit of a waver, and it’s a good chunk of that with which we get a load of great performances out of with “I’m Alive”. Taking the sets from the 2017 happening at the Hammer of Doom Festival and the 2018 set at the Rock Hard Festival, this double live album is perfect for those of us who have known these songs for years but have never been able to hear what Cirith Ungol brings to the live stage apart from tellings from those who were lucky enough to attend. Performing songs that span their entire discography, Cirith Ungol delivers a powerful performance with “I’m Alive” that very few other live albums have been able to accomplish. The absolute entirety of these performances are truly stellar to listen to from start to finish as we’re given so many of the infinite highlights that adorn Cirith Ungol’s career in every way from the tremendous riffs and undeniable energy that each song possesses to make every moment of this awesome experience something to behold for any fan of the band. It’s a great listen as soon as you hit play, and it’s a listen that I couldn’t possibly ask more of!

Whether we will get a new full-length from Cirith Ungol I am wholly unsure, but if we’re to continue to get the occasional work like this in the future then I am as content as could be with these performances being simply immaculate and more excellent than what I imagined. “I’m Alive” is a perfect title for this massive double live work as Cirith Ungol are still going very strong since their resurrection, and they show not a single sign of pulling the curtains yet again if these performances are anything to go off of.

“I’m Alive” releases on October 25th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “I’m Alive” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to “I’m Alive” that was played at Live Up at the Hammers Festival here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Cirith Ungol on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Cirith Ungol on Twitter: @CirithU

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