Day of the Beast – First Invocation

It endlessly entertains me whenever I look deeper into a metal scene in any given country and seeing something grow or, at the very least, seeing something that’s just taken root for their metal scene. When it comes to France, I always love revisiting its black metal landscape just to see how it’s grown, and it’s done so wondrously over the last few years. Bringing the old school to the table like many others, Day of the Beast’s debut EP has escaped my radar thus far but now that I’ve heard it I can’t help but talk about how fucking awesome it is!

Usually, whenever I think of French black metal my mind always goes to Ende as that’s my go-to French band as well as my go-to black metal act, but if they approach things in the right manner Day of the Beast can easily rival Ende in my heart if they continue down the glorious path they’ve started with the short but menacing work that is “First Invocation”. Having but three tracks to call its own, this EP may seem like another run-of-the-mill black metal release that’s trying to hearken to the past more so than trying to be good, but it’s right away that we can see that Day of the Beast has found the perfect balance between the two. That delivers us a fantastic blend of riffs and scathing excellence that has drawn people to the world of black metal for years now and it’s across every fiery moment of “First Invocation” that we see just exactly why people continue to do so! “First Invocation” is barely ten minutes long but it does nothing but prove what exactly we can come to expect Day of the Beast in the future and if they continue to deliver such blasphemy helmed by terrific riffage, magnificent energy, and old school tutelage that we just can’t get enough of in such high quality the likes of which this EP simply spoils us with.

The old school of black metal has always been and will continue to be a great reservoir from which countless new bands will draw from for inspiration, but it’s only on occasion that we get something that perfectly hits that nail right on its head like what we’ve gotten here in every capacity with “First Invocation”. Day of the Beast has shown us what’s hopefully just a glimpse of what they can bring to the table with this formidable EP, and I truly do hope they return with more blasphemy soon!

LISTEN to “First Invocation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE “First Invocation” on Facebook here.

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