Syberia – Seeds of Change

There have long been many ways to tell stories of all sorts through music and it’s still to this day that bands are pushing the boundaries to deliver new stories with fresh lenses to never keep us listeners bored for even a second. Easily, one of my favorite forms of storytelling in music is that which has no words. To bring forth a story in a song that doesn’t have any words and it actually works, it takes immense talent, to say the least. Post-rock has long been home to daring bands who want to achieve such a feat, and it’s on their upcoming effort that Syberia does it absolutely splendidly.

It always seems like the most intoxicating and even psychedelic instrumental material lands in post-rock, doesn’t it? I’m not one to complain about such a streak as it’s constantly delivering us new material that’s just so good that it’s hard to not sink your teeth into as the music can just take you to previously unknown locales that other bands only ever touch on for the briefest moments, and Syberia only continues such a glorious trend with their new effort. Right from the get-go, “Seeds of Change” sets a tone that’s as colorful as it is organic with so much of what’s laid forth for the entirety of this album that’s just staggering to sink yourself in as Syberia shows clear dominance over their craft from one excellent track to the next. Every offering we’re granted here brings forth another unique flavor of grandeur that Syberia effortlessly brings forth as their voiceless narration takes us through tremendous worlds that are all ripe for interpretation as the guitars soar magnificently, the bass is nigh on entrancing, and the drums are just exquisite in their timing to enable the whole of “Seeds of Change” to constantly deliver one decisive blow after another. It’s by the end of this very attractive album that it’s clear Syberia has delivered something worthy of being called one of the best efforts of its style that we’re to get by the end of the year, and it’s through each beautiful song that we get a million reasons as to just why that’s exactly the case.

Instrumental music will always be an easy thing to conceive while being just as difficult to bring to life with plenty of power and talent to back it up in the end, and seeing numerous bands attempt to bring it to life will, surely, never cease to amaze just like how Syberia has with this very respectable work. If you’re even the slightest bit into this kind of product, “Seeds of Change” is a gift that will just keep on giving and never once disappoint.

“Seeds of Change” releases on October 4th via Metal Blade Records!

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