Inonum – Follow the Witch

The mind is a truly wonderful thing with its amazing ability to create music and also have the drive to learn how to produce every different function of a band even if the person in question has no experience in playing instruments. Then it’s the marvel of the internet that’s allowed people to create wholly new experiences through programming, and some people take issue with that. I personally don’t mind so long as you can tell tons of work was put into the product to make it sound good, and that’s precisely the case with what Inonum has done with his debut work.

In my experience, I’ve only seen programming used for only one position at a time like how Feared used to have drums programmed until recruiting an actual drummer, and it can be a really sensitive topic for some people when they figure out a given album is made almost completely on the computer with very little of the final product being done through genuine talent with an instrument. In the case of Inonum and “Follow the Witch”, it’s only the vocals that are genuine but that doesn’t impact the overall experience if you ask me. The whole of this record serves as a solid and well-meaning work of melodic death metal that’s spawned from the mind of someone who just wants to bring his vision to the world. It’s with that mindset with which “Follow the Witch” excels in its spirit, and even though there’s practically no replacing actual instruments and recording in a studio, it’s Inonum that’s made a very respectable effort where many others could’ve easily created something that’s not worth a single note whatsoever.

Whether you agree or not with the very concept of using programming for almost every single part of a band, there’s very little doubt to see that the man behind Inonum has created something very passionate that still worth investigation. Melodic death metal that packs one hell of a punch and is ripe for improvement like many others, “Follow the Witch” is a release that I hope to see many follow-ups to.

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