DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal

There’s not really any need for an introduction for DragonForce is there? They’ve been nominated for music awards, garnered throngs of new fans from just one song in one game that time, and continues to dish out some of the fastest mixes of power and thrash metal that we see nowadays. But after a while, what all can you do to set yourself apart and make things feel a tad fresh? By going full cheese mode, of course! Some bands can suffer from it, but after just one spin of this powerful record, we can see that DragonForce is far from over and has somehow found a new home for themselves that’s wrapped in the ultimate cheese.

Just looking at that cover art should give you every idea as to just how much delicious cheese we’re in for with this new offering of top tier speed and flickering lights as DragonForce returns to us with their eighth full-length offering that keeps the quality coming on the level we’ve all come to expect from these legends. But it’s the amount of fun that goes into every possible ounce of “Extreme Power Metal” that really gives DragonForce another strength to flex at every turn, and they do so with such finesse that it makes all ten tracks of this immensely bombastic album an absolute riot to listen to! It’s through their trademarked light-speed energy that’s infused into every aspect, especially in the guitars, naturally, and it’s with unique themes that adorn each track from the legend of the Dragonborn to a spectacular display of fun-filled speed that takes on a life of its own to an emotionally potent farewell of a finale that’s simply enrapturing in its entirely that makes for a perfect ending to the festival of speed and fun that is “Extreme Power Metal”.

Some people will, surely, shy away from this album because they’ll find DragonForce has gone down a path that’s far too cheesy for their liking, but I can’t help but feel that DragonForce has found a new level to their sound that’s just a damn good listen from every angle. You can tell here more than ever that DragonForce has a ton of fun with what they’ve created and it’s with “Extreme Power Metal” that’s gonna bring forth just as much fun for many of us who’ll dive into this riot of color and explosions the moment it’s upon us.

“Extreme Power Metal” releases on September 27th via Metal Blade Records!

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