Coffins – Beyond the Circular Demise

Asia is one of the places on the planet where I usually don’t look when it comes to searching for new material from the world of metal, and I really am a fool for that. There have been plenty of acts to come from the continent that are worth mentioning, and Coffins has been a name that I’ve heard many times before but, like so many other acts, I’ve never gotten around to listening to them. I never really knew what to expect from them, but it’s with their upcoming album that I realize that I have so much catching up to do.

Upon reading the band’s description when I first dove into their caustic new offering, it was odd to me that they put themselves in the world of doom as well as death metal given the first few tracks are pure death metal that absolutely smashes. But as I continued to prove myself a fool in wondering why, it was as “Beyond the Circular Demise” chugged along that more doom elements came into play as Coffins brought them together for a particularly spicy blend that definitely focused more on the death metal side of things while not once neglecting the doomier sides for a special punch. It balances out beautifully such that Coffins can continuously show us exactly what they’re made of throughout “Beyond the Circular Demise” whether it’s in the form of flesh-melting riffage or slower crunches that satisfy and deliver quality at every turn as this Japanese group shows us they’re clearly one of the best that their country’s metal scene has to offer. No part of this record isn’t truly scathing to the highest degree with no less than immense talent to boot as Coffins consistently tramples our minds with true brutality that simply cannot be contained, and they take every chance possible to bring us Japanese ferocity the likes of which I simply need more of!

Seeing quality come from some of the oddest corners of the planet is one of the great reasons metal continues to give me such joy as it always keeps me guessing, and it’s with every track here that Coffins delivers in a grand display. “Beyond the Circular Demise” leaves no room for any sort of survivors, and it’s across every moment that we’re treated to a magnificent realm of death metal seasoned with great doom metal that is all but irresistible.

“Beyond the Circular Demise” releases on September 20th via Relapse Records!

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LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Beyond the Circular Demise” on Bandcamp here.

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