Big Scenic Nowhere – Dying on the Mountain

We are sometimes granted musicians that are just absolute legends in their talent, dedication to the world of music, and just true machines when it comes to constantly dish out new material that always keeps us excited. It’s thanks to brilliant minds behind the likes of Spectral Lore, Tchornobog, and Rogga Johansson that we can get so much more than one project from some of the most compelling artists of their sounds. When it comes to smoke-wreathed rock, I never would’ve dared to think that men from the modern legends of Yawning Man and Fu Manchu – bringing with them so much more! – would collaborate. It’s a magnificent pipe dream come true, and it’s with Big Scenic Nowhere that we’ve gotten a true marvel that’s only just begun.

To say that the grandeur of Big Scenic Nowhere goes anywhere but nowhere with their debut EP of “Dying on the Mountain” would be absolutely insulting to the excellence that we’re served here on a gorgeous silver platter that’s topped with everything that we’ve come to love from the style and then some. And when I said the two masterminds behind this brought together more talent, I mean more! “Dying on the Mountain” features immaculate contributions from artists behind bands like Kyuss, Opeth, Mos Generator, The Well, and Monolord that all come together to bring forth a grand entry into the Modern Bible of All Things Stoner Music that is truly infectious on a level I wasn’t expecting to hit as hard as this. Just two tracks feel like a teaser more than anything when you first learn of that being the case with “Dying on the Mountain”, but seeing that the title track stretches to 20 minutes in length instantly shows us that Big Scenic Nowhere is simultaneously showing us the start of a grand journey as well as not pulling a single punch in any scenario.

As I said, the title track is at a very intriguing 20 minutes in length and that’s absolutely perfect for someone like me who loves seeing any artist be ambitious enough to try something like that so to see so much talent get poured into such an effort, what’s not to get excited about? Big Scenic Nowhere cruises beautifully from one intoxicating riffs to a complex rhythm with drifting atmospheres that immerse every ounce of “Dying on the Mountain” to spectacular effect as we see such companionship in music that’s fucking delicious to witness no matter how often these guys trample our feeble minds with their massive presence and immense quality. It’s all wreathed in such exquisite psychedelia that it’s all but impossible to not get sucked in the catchy magnificence that’s constantly thrown in our face, and that’s just with the first track! It’s with the second and much shorter offering of “Towards the Sun” that we get a much more compact and energetic version of what Big Scenic Nowhere had already spoiled us with the monolithic opening, and it’s just as satisfyingly awesome here. There isn’t a single speck of what’s crafted with “Dying on the Mountain” that doesn’t feel incredibly natural and wondrously raw with that expert touch that these guys effortlessly bring to the table with such finesse that it’d be a true task to not get sucked into immediately.

There are many new acts that pop out of nowhere each and every year with some being much more intriguing than others, and it’d be putting it lightly if I said that Big Scenic Nowhere was one that should not be ignored. If anything, this is easily one of the best new bands that 2019 will have to throw at us and it should be incredibly obvious as to why just by looking at the talent behind this marvel! Right from the beginning to its glorious ending, “Dying on the Mountain” is a pinnacle of the style that should be hailed as just the beginning of a band whose name will become a legend as their massive journey has only just begun with utmost promise.

“Dying on the Mountain” releases on September 27th via Blues Funeral Recordings!

PRE-ORDER “Dying on the Mountain” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Big Scenic Nowhere on Facebook here.

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