The Drowning – The Radiant Dark

It’s been throughout this year that I’ve been finding myself enjoying and discovering more from the amazingly dark realm of death/doom than ever before, and I’ve no idea why but it’s a trip that I couldn’t have asked for any better from as so many new acts have shown to be no less than staggering in the last year. With acts like Clouds, Illimitable Dolor, Weeping Sores, and more provided quality that’s hard to top it’s unbelievable sometimes to think I can continue to be impressed after already so much excellence. It feels as though The Drowning set out to astound me with this album as it fires on all cylinders and hits all targets perfectly.

The key aspect that I’ve found myself enjoying more and more as I dive into death/doom is the emotional impact. There’s so much loss in this world and there are very few other styles in all of music that have been able to convey that pain like how death/doom always delivers at such a constant rate of excellence that it’s amazing at how many quality releases we get from it. The Drowning caught my interest with the first few tracks and put on a solid display all throughout “The Radiant Dark” that was nothing to scoff at, but it’s upon hearing the absolutely gripping and heart-wrenching finale and going back through this powerful album that you can really hear what The Drowning went for and succeeded greatly with this album. The finale provided me with fresh eyes that helped me see “The Radiant Dark” for the true glory that it is as The Drowning doesn’t allow the label of death/doom keep them tied down from different levels of heaviness, expansive songwriting, or raw emotion that hasn’t hit so hard for me since the last Clouds full-length. Every single bit of this monumental record gives us everything anybody could come to ask for from this style and The Drowning constantly delivers whether they seek to drown us in the dark corners of our hearts we dread to enter or crushing our bones with an unforgiving heaviness that’s all but thrilling to listen to.

“The Radiant Dark” accomplishes the feat of sticking true to the tropes of the style without a single sign of wavering but they went above and beyond with all the songs that they provide us with here as they are both gripping and punishing on many levels. If that’s not enough to applaud The Drowning for then I don’t know what is! Should you want to find one of the last great stops for death/doom and the year’s end is slowly approaching, you simply can’t go wrong here.

“The Radiant Dark” releases on November 8th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Radiant Dark” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Drowning on Facebook here.

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