Hermit’s Maze – State of Mind

It tends to be in the realm of anything post-related that instrumentalism finds its home as they fit so well together that it’s rare that we see a concoction of it that doesn’t work really well, but it does the mind good to hear a different take once in a while. I try my best to follow such an ideal, and it was today that I wanted to find something instrumental from a style we usually don’t see often done in such fashion. Initially, I started looking for something more extreme to have taken the instrumental route, but it’s in progressive metal in the hands of Hermit’s Maze that I eventually found what I was looking for even though I wasn’t searching for it. A happy little accident, if you will.

Don’t let that confuse you, though; thinking that it was an accident that I found myself enjoying this record. A simple misclick was all it was on Bandcamp and by the end of the second track, I knew that Hermit’s Maze had me hooked deep. It was that near-instant recognition after just a few minutes that you found something different and good that fired on all the right levels in just the right capacity to bring forth an experience that was intriguing, to say the least, and “State of Mind” covers all possible bases in some of the most exquisite ways. Instead of taking the route that many other progressive acts take where there’s a shit ton of guitar play and so many different colors in the sound that it’s impossible to keep track of them all, Hermit’s Maze elects to go the route of less is more. Only a pair of songs go over four minutes in length so all eleven pieces to “State of Mind” go by at a pretty quick rate as their sounds are incredibly varied but toned down enough for anyone to immediately get absorbed by its excellence whether they’re new to the world of prog or not, and it really feels as though Hermit’s Maze goes out of their way to make the record as accessible as possible without making it sound like cookie-cutter garbage.

It all comes together so incredibly well such that it feels immensely fresh while sounding familiar in all the right amounts to enable Hermit’s Maze to just bring their talent to the mix in order to make this album one hell of a trip. “State of Mind” truly puts you in one that feels utterly transcending and fun right from the beginning, and Hermit’s Maze knows how to make it into a damned good experience that just can’t be turned off.

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