Desert – Fortune Favors the Brave

It’s the occasional surprise that really keeps me coming back to styles that I don’t frequent often and power metal is definitely one of those styles that I can almost always eat right up given just how fun it is to listen to. Sabaton will always hold the throne when it comes to holding the throne of power metal with anything with war in the theme and it’s not hard to see why, but that doesn’t stop many other worthy acts from rising up to show us their own excellence. Desert instantly shows us with this album that they’re capable of doing just that, and a great record is what follows.

The country of Israel would have been far from my first guess as to where I’d find a great display of power metal that’s just as entertaining to listen to as is a great display of talent that just keeps on giving with each and every track. Lo and behold, however, Desert has crafted an epic experience that’s worthy of immense praise that captures every amazing aspect of the style in extreme quality as “Fortune Favors the Brave” churns along with riffs aplenty and grandeur galore! Not one of these tracks aren’t overflowing with compelling material that’s always engaging, epic from top to bottom, and just so fun to listen to that it’s hard to not repeat the album for hours and hours as Desert consistently delivers. So many tropes of power metal that can be argued as made the style stale in some cases have been utilized in such great fashion here that is makes them somehow feel immensely fresh and incredibly entertaining to boot, and it’s no matter how many times that I listen to “Fortune Favors the Brave” that I can’t find myself enjoying every single second of what’s presented here in the absolute fullest!

It could be so easy to just throw down some melodies and call it power metal, but it’s clear here that Desert loves this style in every facet as there isn’t a single element in this stupendous record that isn’t handled with great care or executed with deadly precision. I’ve basically already said it but I’m gonna fucking say it again: “Fortune Favors the Brave” is one hell of an album that demands to be heard by any fan of anything power metal!

LISTEN to “Fortune Favor the Brave” on Bandcamp here.

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