Howling Giant – The Space Between Worlds

If you know anything of me, you know that there was an absolute shit ton of new material that I was looking forward to this year from bands that I’ve come to love since I started doing these reviews, and Howling Giant was one of them, as you’ve probably guessed by now, Their previous works, especially the last two EPs, have been no less than fantastic and the prospect of a full-length was a dream that I was so glad to see come true this year! In every possible fashion, Howling Giant has blown away the expectations instantly with this record while simultaneously showing us they’re only just getting started.

What I enjoyed the most about Howling Giant’s work, apart from the tantalizing diversity in sound from its riff-a-licious heavy psych sound and the musicianship that got better over time with each week, was how gripping they always were in both storytelling and musical excellence. The fantastic story that was being told across the “Black Hole Space Wizard” saga was the exact thing that I always needed to bring even more spice to the great realm of heavy psych, and while I do wish this was an epic conclusion to that tale it’s with great excitement that I ate an entirely new story right up as “The Space Between Worlds” proves to be the bands best work to date. Wasting not a single iota of their talent or any of the listener’s time, this new effort is absolutely overflowing with talent, excellence, and so much fucking fun! Every possible facet of this album has brought together everything that Howling Giant has become known for in incredible dosages to where all nine tracks of “The Space Between Worlds” have something fascinating to call their own as this band constantly shows us they’re far from one-trick space adventurers with so much diversity and quality being laid out masterfully at every turn here. I genuinely went back into this album after at least ten spins looking for something to criticize or something that could’ve been done ever so slightly better, but I cannot stress enough that Howling Giant truly hit it out of the fucking park with “The Space Between Worlds”!

Nashville has been known as one of the greatest hotspots for all things in music for America and it’s single-handedly that Howling Giant has brought heavy psych to that grand pantheon in no less than exquisite style. They showed plenty of glimpses of excellence in their past works but it’s with “The Space Between Worlds” alone that Howling Giant has earned the right to be considered one of the most compelling acts of their style and will, surely, be the center of attention when they show the world one grand work after another with it all starting with “The Space Between Worlds”!

“The Space Between Worlds” releases on September 27th via Blues Funeral Recordings!

LISTEN to the single, “Comet Rider”, via Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Howling Giant on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Howling Giant on Twitter: @howlinggiant

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