Black Futures – Never Not Nothing

It’s the great vast majority of the time when I sit down to find something to review, the material in question is going to come from the underground where virtually every band isn’t going to have a big label to help with promotions and such. I like finding what the unknown has to offer, but every now and then, I like to lift my eyes from the underground and see what the more heavily promoted acts have to offer. After all, they’re the face of the current and future state of rock as many of us know it so why not check upon them? When I first stumbled through the impending release from the colorful Black Futures, I had my doubts but after a few listens it was replaced with both intrigue and respect.

Immediately, the thing that started to turn me off with what Black Futures has gone for with “Never Not Nothing” was the electronic elements that they bring in at a fairly constant rate and then it was the second track with pop/hip hop influences that honestly made me want to turn the album off, but there were nine entire songs after that so I wanted to give “Never Not Nothing” a fair chance. And later on, it was the more rock-centric tracks that really showed me what Black Futures can do as they can instantly craft an anthem without breaking a single sweat while plenty of other tracks show us that Black Futures aren’t exactly here to conquer the radio waves with one catchy track after another. The entirety of this album feels like an experimental trip through what any brand of feel-good music has to offer from the poppy to the riff-filled world that’s meant the appreciate the grand oddity that is life as we take in all that it has to offer bit by bit. It’s very easy to lose yourself in this mildly psychedelic trance as each track has a wholly unique identity to call their own whether it’s getting lost in some catchy rhythms or following Black Futures down a path with no clear destination to be had or anything in between; “Never Not Nothing” covers the spectrum with great spirit such that it constantly breathes life into what Black Futures has created here to make even someone with tastes like mine find myself oddly interested in what’s been done.

I wanted to investigate this record more because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to see what I could find within a record that I’d normally pass on by just the first few tracks alone, and I could not be any more impressed with this debut in how expressive it is while being magnificently organic despite all of its light experimentation. Black Futures has made quite a splash with “Never Not Nothing”, and I can only hope that they expand their sound in grandiose fashion since I really wouldn’t mind coming back to these guys over and over again.

“Never Not Nothing” releases on August 30th via Music for Nations!

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