Mizmor – Cairn

It would appear that we have a bit of a trend going on in the world of metal when it comes to artistic representation with cover arts. Ever since Bell Witch, at least that’s the most recent spark, it’s been the work of Mariusz Lewandowski that has been to doom metal that has become a promise of a damned good album. It’s a terrible practice to start judging an album just from its cover art alone, but how could you not be lured in with such a gorgeous cover? Fuck, just knowing it’s a new Mizmor release is enough but that alluring cover art is just perfect, and that’s not even considering how truly monolithic “Cairn” is from start to finish.

A new Mizmor piece was something that I’ve been desiring for quite a while now as I was really late to the party to his great creation a few years ago that was “Yodh”, and I was really interested to see what the guy could do with a follow-up. Maybe it would become more blasphemous in its essence or the heaviest creation that Mizmor has made to date. To listen to “Cairn” is to fall back into a void that you never thought you’d find yourself in with the darkness just growing stronger as Mizmor guides us through the black to no salvation nor sanctuary, but to nowhere in particular as we wander in nothingness. And it’s through a stellar mix of black, doom, and drone metal that “Cairn” demolishes all spirit that we had before going into this over hour-long experience of four tracks that are just absolutely overflowing with death and feeling as though we’re left forlorn in the desert with nothing but a truly crushing presence always there to drag you down with its harsh truths and lessons that must be learned but are near impossible to swallow for many. It feels at every turn that “Cairn” is out to carve away at your very soul, but there are glimpses of godly light as Mizmor will occasionally fall back into an acoustic addition that’s simply masterful in its atmosphere and execution that when combined with everything else surrounding it makes for a virtually unforgettable.

To comprehend just the basis of what “Cairn” encapsulates as a whole has taken a lot of digestion for me as there’s simply so much for us to sink our teeth into as Mizmor has undoubtedly created a must-hear record of this year for not only doom fans but metal fans in general. It’s got so much of everything that makes for a practical masterpiece that should very well shake the foundations of the style as their known, and I’ll be damned if I let this magnificent work go unknown!

“Cairn” releases on September 6th via Gilead Media!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Cairn” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mizmor on Facebook here.

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