Glasya – Heaven’s Demise

There are several different styles throughout the very diverse world of metal that I just don’t simply listen to enough, and I’ve been finding myself saying that more often than I am attempting to fix it. Whether it’s folk metal or tech-death, there’s always something that I get a taste of, want to hear more, but just never follow up. It occurs with symphonic metal far more often than any other style, and tonight I was bent on finding something to break that drought and it’s with Glasya that I stumbled upon a genuinely interesting album that plays to all the tropes of the style with grand spirit and talent from start to finish.

A lot of the time when I go into anything from the realm of symphonic metal, I keep somehow finding myself feeling as though everything is way too over-the-top in so many of the different aspects. But then after a while I also find myself thinking how ridiculous that I should be giving symphonic metal a hard time for being what I find to be over-the-top when I actively enjoy extreme metal who’s very definition is to be over-the-top, so, when I went into “Heaven’s Demise” I really wanted to fight my initial thoughts to, instead, give it a fair share like I have many others. Coming out of this record, it’s all but clear to me that Glasya has crafted a great experience that I’ve heard multiple times before in the world of symphonic metal but it feels far from stale or overused here. Glasya managed to bring it all together gloriously to make for a really potent experience that has just as much emotion to it as it does power with every track have something interesting to call its own whether its a fantastic parade of melodies or a whirlwind of power that’s all but immensely engaging. The vocals are simply gripping, the guitars know not how to disappoint, the bass is always marvelous, the drums constantly have a virtually perfect beat, and, of course, the symphonies are eternally interesting from the moment they weave their way into the soundscape that Glasya conducts brilliantly.

Admittedly, this is an album that feels quite by-the-books for symphonic metal but by no means whatsoever does that drag down the quality of “Heaven’s Demise” as it uses that formula incredibly well to serve a great purpose. Glasya clearly knows what they’re going for as it’s always being shown off for all of “Heaven’s Demise”, and given time I’m positive that Glasya can hone their sound into something truly deadly.

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