Weeping Sores – False Confession

It’s in recent experiences that I’ve noticed something within the combined realm of death/doom metal: it really feels like many bands, if not most, tend to neglect one of those two styles when performing their brand of death/doom. Now, obviously, each band has its own specific sound that can vary with however much death or doom they so please, but it feels like the death part of it all gets neglecting outside the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got loads of tremendous records from such a format and I can’t wait to hear more, but it just leaves something to be desired when I’ve only come across one release this year that’s brought just as much death as they have doom (thank you, Illimitable Dolor). But, out of nowhere with a much more colorful album art than I’d ever expect, Weeping Sores comes around with their debut record that has brought quite literally all that I’ve been desiring from this style in immense fashion.

Another thing that can really get me about many other death/doom acts is how they can easily become very stagnant in their sound as it often doesn’t feel very organic in nature with there being very little variance in sound across an album. Right off the bat in just the first three minutes, it become extremely clear that Weeping Sores isn’t going to fall for such a trap with “False Confession” being an absolute gold mine of diversity for this style in ways that I haven’t seen in years on such an unprecedented scale with untouchable quality to boot. Impaling the listener with no mercy in each track to only leave a menacing wound like that of the cover art before each track freshens the blood flow, there isn’t a single bit of “False Confession” that isn’t alluring in a way that only this style can bring to life while simultaneously never giving you a moment to reflect on what grandeur of darkness Weeping Sores created for you.

And no two tracks sound even remotely the same. We’re treated to a grand display of heaviness mixed with the most excellent array of instrumentation where the strings can swiftly shift from a death metal grind where there are no survivors to a demolition of doom where there are, surely, survivors, but all hope of escape is gone and their sanity ripped to shreds, and yet there’s even more that Weeping Sores brings to the table: violins. Just thinking about the implementation of violins can make everything so much doomier is ways that only a handful have been able to do well (check Promethean Misery), and Weeping Sores does nothing but enamor with it for all of “False Confession”. It goes perfectly with everything else that Weeping Sores was executing before that which was already impeccable to begin with, so it’s just the haunting cherry on top of this malicious cake that holds nothing back except only to tear you down for maximum despair.

Come the end of this year, I have no doubt or question in my mind whatsoever that when I look back on metal as a whole I will still see Weeping Sores sitting off in the darkness away from the light where their power simply grows and becomes all the more potent. This is an album that devastates so much of the competition with just its first half and the second is to just plant their stake firmly in the underground with such might and talent the likes of which most bands can only dream of possessing. From top to bottom, “False Confession” is an album that cannot be passed up even for the very ends of the earth, and even then Weeping Sores wouldn’t hesitate to pull the curtain on our pathetic existence.

“False Confession” releases on September 13th via I, Voidhanger Records!

PRE-ORDER “False Confession” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Weeping Sores on Facebook here.

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