Dead Feathers – All Is Lost

At some point in our lives, whether we be fans of primarily metal or rock, we’ve all gotten a good helping of psychedelic rock at some point. It doesn’t matter if its a classic like Jimi Hendrix or more modern works of psychedelic excellence like Black Space Riders. It’s something that has been in rock for decades now and, fortunately, it shows no signs of fading away as we continue to get fantastic acts that may not be pushing the boundaries of all things for psychedelia, but damn they are a treat to listen to with the upcoming work of Dead Feathers being a prime example of such.

I’m more of the type that likes my psychedelia in absolute heaps where the line between reality and the ethereal becomes all but blurred as bands like the aforementioned Black Space Riders, My Sleeping Karma, Elder, and Zaum being heavy constants for me wherever I go in the realm of psychedelia and whenever I talk about it. But when the more rock and roll focused aspects of the style come into play I can’t find myself turning away from them as it’s just as intoxicating in its own sense, and Dead Feathers has put on a grand display of just that with their upcoming work, “All Is Lost”. The album starts off thinking the entirety of this fuzzy trip will be steeped in psychedelic goodness, and that’s true for a good chunk of what we’re treated to for this album but Dead Feathers rarely ever suffocate the rock factor as they can effortlessly switch to a riff-filled groove that picks up the pace and makes the head nod before fading back into a special kind of mist that’s meant to allow you to wind down before being plunged back in. That’s not even mentioning how simply exquisite the vocals are as they fit the music like a glove, the strings never once disappoint in how amazingly gripping they are as they churn with immense riffs in a cloud of smoke that’s simply spine-chilling, drums that know only the most fitting of beats, and a grand sense of excellence that permeates every single second of “All is Lost” as the listener is fittingly lost in wonder as Dead Feathers constantly creates one marvel after another.

It’s far from uncommon to see psychedelic rock as it’s something that will, thankfully, always be around so long as rock is, and constantly seeing acts like this coming out of the woodwork to create wondrous albums like “All is Lost”. If there’s even a speck of what’s done here that will show up in future Dead Feathers works, then I can’t wait for them as they will, surely, be magnificent albums that will only demand to be heard the instant they’re released.

“All Is Lost” releases on August 23rd via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track on Bandcamp here or via SoundCloud here.

LIKE Dead Feathers on Facebook here.

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