Haunter – Sacramental Death Qualia

There are some bands that just refuse to stay confined within reasonable boundaries of genrefication where normal people can pin down their sound and then approach it with some form of confidence in having an idea of what they’re about to listen to. But I love it when a band can throw that out the window and actually make it sound interesting. Many have done it before to terrific effect, and it’s Haunter’s forthcoming slab of frenetic darkness that we get a brand new and very deluxe example of that.

With such an enigmatic and even transcendent cover art, you’d be forgiven if you were expecting something absolutely crazy in presentation with a strong connection to the dark side that’s as aggressively ominous as it is oddly alluring. In no small way, Haunter has brought just that to the table with the pulsating mass of void that is “Sacramental Death Qualia”. Five spontaneous and richly detailed tracks spanning across a very eventful 46-minute runtime are what this album has to call its own and every single one of them reveals an inner sanctum within each of us with immense power and compelling force that’s all but seductive. But then it’s the equally chilling and gorgeous acoustic interludes that are simply dreamlike that provide massive calms with which Haunter shines in a completely different light with a whole different tune. It all comes together beautifully to create this rollercoaster of an experience through a sort of conscious awakening that can hardly be likened to anything else which truly allows “Sacramental Death Qualia” to quickly become something unique all on its own as Haunter shows with just their second full-length album that they’re already masters of their craft.

It’s every now and then that we get an album like this that’s crazy as all get out and fucking good on top of that, and each one of them is a treat that demands to be heard and treated like an entity all its own. Haunter is a perfect case of why that’s so and it’s with every single track of “Sacramental Death Qualia” that we’ve gotten one the best of the darkest and most insane album we’re to get this year by far.

“Sacramental Death Qualia” releases on September 13th via I, Voidhanger Records!

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