Insurrection – Circles of Despair

It’s been a couple of months since thrash really caught my eye and delivered something that I could really sink my teeth into that wasn’t just a blur of speed and unfocused aggression. Typically, that doesn’t mix well so I was bent on finding an album that was able to take those elements hand-in-hand while not letting one overpower the other. From the Netherlands, of all places, Insurrection has come out of seemingly nowhere to deliver us a blend of thrash and death metal that’s precisely what I was looking for.

The problem that I usually have with thrash metal most of the time is how a lot of it sounds the same. I’m a person that can enjoy a sound being redone out of a sheer passion for it, but it feels hollow at the same time with no creative liberty being taken. Even just adding something small like a slight death metal sound can make a world of difference. Insurrection understood that completely as “Circles of Despair” is an absolute dominator that brings to the table plenty of what we’ve come to love of thrash with a death edge that elevates the intensity beautifully and a sense of melody that can be nigh on intoxicating at key moments, and it’s afterward that Insurrection manages to consistently bring a satisfaction that really helps drive “Circles of Despair” forward time after time. It’s through a devilish speed and diversity amongst these ten tracks that Insurrection rises like the tide out of the underground with such force and magnitude that it’d be hard for me to say that I didn’t truly enjoy this record from beginning to end.

There’s very little that’s done with “Circles of Despair” that doesn’t bring justice to the style as a whole and I can damn well claim that this is one of the better thrash albums that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing since the start of the year. With the many acts that are thrown our way with many being shameless clones, it’s with pride and purpose that Insurrection grants us a vicious and rewarding experience.

“Circles of Despair” releases on August 30th!

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