Whispers In The Maze – Threads Unbind

There are many things that could make any new band stand out in the sheer flood of talent and many other acts that we constantly find ourselves swimming through. It could range from some sort of gimmick that makes you sound awesome or ridiculous to reinforcing your love for a style by providing your own take on it. More often than not, it’s the latter that bands go with. Some may find that tedious or even boring as they may find repeating a sound without much variance, but each band has a voice worth hearing and it’s through some crispy melodic death metal that Whispers in the Maze gives us their first appearance.

It’s with melodic death metal that everything tends to feel stream-lined in a way to where it could even be classified as immensely efficient at times. It can easily feel monotonous in the wrong hands, but if in the right hands it could become something pretty fucking interesting and rewarding to listen to. Whispers in the Maze may not have created the most intriguing sound that I’ve heard from the style, but I’ll be damned if “Threads Unbind” doesn’t provide an amazing taste immediately. We are treated to just four songs with their debut EP, but they are filled to the brim with everything that I’ve come to associate with a very well done piece of melo-death from the melody that actually sounds good, never disappoints when it goes to pull back before a well-timed punch, and gives us plenty of hints as to just what exactly Whispers in the Maze is capable of. Granted, I feel that “Threads Unbind” does not show us all that this band is capable of, but given that this is just their debut makes me very excited even after being enthralled by these four tracks.

It can be very hard to make your debut stand out, especially without doing anything really different with your sound, but it’s with seemingly no effort that Whispers in the Maze shows us quality and passion walking hand in hand with each other for the entirety of this very enjoyable EP. I can’t help but feel this EP is the very start of something to keep my eye on, and I’ll definitely be here to shove it down all of your throats when it finally comes along after this admittedly impressive debut.

“Threads Unbind” releases on July 25th!

LISTEN to “Ink” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Whispers in the Maze on Twitter: @WhispersInMaze

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