Almost Honest – Seiches and Sirens

Having experienced the excellence that was the Maryland Doom Fest 2019 not too long ago, I’m still in the mindset where it seems that all I want is some super groovy and heavy material that constantly crosses the boundary between metal and rock all the time with a no less than bombastic energy at high all the time. It’s an intoxicating style that has seen loads of success especially in this decade, and, thankfully, it shows no signs of fading with loads of new bands showing us excellence time after time. In tonight’s case, Almost Honest delivers the exact sort of thing I’ve been needing.

In many cases, I know that describing such music can often be seen as a sort of basic and boring brand of rock where you make things a little heavy, bring on loads of riffs that’ll hopefully sound good, and then make it loud to only then call it an album. Luckily, I’ve rarely found that to be the case and Almost Honest continues that trend for me as it’s with every single track that’s thrown our way for “Seiches and Sirens” is everything that makes the style such a treat to listen to in the first place. And to say that “Seiches and Sirens” brings quality is to not give it nearly enough credit. The whole of this record is a shining example as to why the very spirit of heavy rock, doom rock, stoner metal, or anything of the like that you could call this is so great to begin with as not only does Almost Honest deliver a listen that’s heavy, infectious, laden with riffs that grip you from the get-go, and a terrific energy that never lets up, but they really show us with “Seiches and Sirens” that they’re very capable of bringing to the table a tour de force of the style that’s simply earth-shaking in its power and crunchy with its rhythms.

There are so many things that aren’t new in any way for the style when it comes to this record, but the energy and approach that Almost Honest takes here makes the record stand right out. So many albums, unfortunately, fly under the radars of many simply because the style is so saturated, and I’ll be incredibly upset if this magnificence becomes one such example.

LISTEN to “Seiches and Sirens” on Bandcamp here.

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