Spreading the Disease – Mindcell

The great vast majority of the time I sit here and try to shove albums down the throats of you people the material tends to hail from the more extreme end of metal as that’s simply what interests me the most currently. In no way do I think other styles are bad because I don’t talk about them a lot, and that’s really why tonight’s listen was a surprising change of pace that I wasn’t expecting but I wholeheartedly welcome. Drawing from acts like classic Slipknot and such massive names, it’s the best of its kind that I’ve heard in literally years.

I’ll likely never understand why people would look down upon this style, but I’ve always been able to find something to enjoy out of it and that’s far from different when it came to the latest work from Spreading the Disease as their sound covered everything respectable about the sound while showcasing just what exactly this band is capable of. And honestly, I wish there was more to this EP. Not to say that “Mindcell” leaves you feel unsatisfied or there isn’t enough material to leave a positive impression, but rather I simply didn’t want this EP to end as Spreading the Disease hit a real sweet spot with the style in many cases. The style has gone through virtually no change ever since its inception somehow, and you can really hear the respect for that sound surviving every single note of “Mindcell” to the point where each track has its own technicalities that never clash where we’ve all seen it happen before in bands of lesser quality, vocals that never feel to tread the same ground twice to ensure all five tracks remain fresh for their entirety, and the intensity rarely relents as its effective as it is crushing.

It all comes together surprisingly well to make “Mindcell” a well-rounded album that displays loads of know-how for the style that we just don’t get a lot of anymore, and it’s a real treat when Spreading the Disease hit the mark with deadly accuracy at what feels like every turn. It’s a real treat that if given time I’m sure could truly blossom into something bewildering for any fan of the style that’s still holding strong.

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