Eternal Storm – Come The Tide

It’s been a hot minute since I found a piece of death metal with even a mildly melodic side that wasn’t just a retread of the band’s previous sound that I could really get behind. I’ve long claimed that we’re fortunate enough to live in an age of melo-death where we get soaring melodies and an extremely colorful sound as the bands refuse to stay pinned down sonically. What feels like out of fucking nowhere, it’s with their new album that Eternal Storm brings us a premium helping of that excellence in a truly staggering album.

What stands out for me in this movement is, like I said, the colorful sounds and the heavy emphasis on the melody that’s incredibly satisfying. I’ve always used Countless Skies as my prime example of it, but it’s here that things are just a tad different. Where some acts would double down on the melody and maybe even dare to introduce more clean vocals into the mix, Eternal Storm brings a respectable amount of melody that’s nigh on intoxicating, but it’s with the sheer heaviness of it all that’s where “Come The Tide” really shines for me. Even better the occasional cleans, Eternal Storm always keeps a constant presence that never once loses an ounce of excellence nor do these eight tracks sit still for too long. Much like a grand progressive record, “Come The Tide” has a seemingly a million different moving parts that never once stop as to keep the whole of record moving at a glorious pace – sometimes with a vicious onslaught conducted expertly by growls, sometimes slowing it right down into ethereal soundscapes that are nothing short of mesmerizing – to where “Come The Tide” results in nothing less of a gorgeously organic experience that never ceases to astound in its consistent display of raw beauty and focused power. So many bands have tried to attain something like this, and Eternal Storm is literally the only act I’ve come across that’s managed to fucking nail it at every given turn! From spine-chilling melodies to gripping displays of sheer force to musicianship that is no less than top tier to hypnotic interludes to grand epics spanning over ten minutes to a sound that feels original up and down to an execution that can’t be viewed as any less than virtually immaculate “Come The Tide” fucking has it all!

It’s really been a minute since I’ve been taken on such a well-rounded rollercoaster as this album, and it’s a listen that I honestly have not been able to bring myself to stop for practically all day. Eternal Storm was but a whisper in the grand underground before but it’s with this record that I’m no less than positive that there is an audience for this band that simply has yet to hear this magnificent piece before they do no less than rave for more of it! “Come The Tide” tops so much of its competition with just the first song, and it’s with the rest of this monumental record that Eternal Storm shows their dominance in exquisite detail.

“Come The Tide” releases on August 23rd via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Come The Tide” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eternal Storm on Facebook here.

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