Victims – The Horse and Sparrow Theory

The individual roads of punk and metal have always been very close to each other, almost inches apart as you can seldom hear bands that aren’t influenced by the other side in some form. And that’s not even including the obvious stylistic similarities. But, it’s every now and then that they cross over to create something that just about everyone who immerses themselves in the styles can get behind. We’ve got plenty of great acts from such collusion, and it’s with Victims that we have a magnificent sample of just what that can be.

The single most thing that comes to my mind when these two worlds merge together is one of the key factors that drive people to the sounds in the first place that has, ultimately, made both punk and metal forces to be reckoned with: unwavering power. It’s what makes the two genres so intoxicating, and it’s virtually paramount for any band that brings them together to bring power on a magnificent and undeniable scale else they miss their mark. With “The Horse and Sparrow Theory”, I’d be lying if I said that Victims was any less than spot-on in execution. There are but eight tracks to which this record calls its own, and with only one that reaches anywhere substantially over four minutes there’s not a single moment to be wasted across the entirety of this album and Victims maximizes every possible moment. “The Horse and Sparrow Theory” is gloriously satisfying from beginning to end as we’re constantly given quick morsels of unadulterated aggression, more calculated attacks on the soul, and a very poignant six-minute trudge that brings on a much more impactful meaning that what I was expecting coming into this. It all came together beautifully so that by the time this record ended, there was no way I could have enough! Victims was simply intoxicating with their debut album that even after listening to it for a solid five hours on a constant loop, this is easily the most impressive and delectable album of its kind that I’ve heard.

Just by chance, I’ve been listening to a lot of debuts as of late as that’s simply what has crossed my path and this is undoubtedly one of the most gripping that I’ve heard in this streak. It’s got all of the components of a great album and all the ingredients needed for an astonishing band, and there’s nothing more that Victims could’ve done with “The Horse and Sparrow Theory” to make it any more of a damned good time.

“The Horse and Sparrow Theory” releases on June 28th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Horse and Sparrow Theory” on Bandcamp here.

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