Mofsed – Rattenkrieg!

War is a topic that we will never be able to escape, and I firmly believe there will never be a style of music out there that doesn’t bring the reality of war whether from present or past conflicts to light in such a way as metal does. It’s visceral, unrelenting, and isn’t afraid to show the goriest details in order to tell the true story. 1914 and Sabaton are, easily, my two favorite examples of war in metal, but there are loads upon loads of other acts just in case you live under a rock. It hasn’t been since the first release of the latest album from 1914 that anything of the sort caught my eye, but Mofsed has made an interesting entrance.

Death metal is a very obvious choice when depicting the reality of war, but to simply call Mofsed’s sound as death metal would be slightly inaccurate I feel as there’s a very classic feel that permeates every moment of this debut as “Rattenkrieg!” really only embodies death metal in the vocals. Elsewhere, this record takes many keys from thrash and classic heavy metal while still having an aggressive nature that you might expect from the more extreme end of the spectrum, and Mofsed brings in a surprisingly interesting concoction to provide a listen that’s equally smooth in execution and rugged in content. “Rattenkrieg!” never once shies away from a rough assault the likes of which we get from the explosive opener to anthems the kind we see in “The People” to even a tasteful King Diamond cover as Mofsed constantly shows us what they’re made of with every track of this debut being no less than quality. Give it some fine tuning and I would happily call “Rattenkrieg!” a record that needs to be heard, but there’s no question in my mind whatsoever that Mofsed has created an album that’s a pure joy to listen to for any kind of fan of the theme as well as the style as this is a sound that feels fresh all the time.

I can always sit here and tell you to give any given band some time in order for them to create something really worth listening to should I find their debut good enough, but I’d be lying to you if I said that this album wasn’t already exceptional enough as Mofsed hold nothing back here. Every facet of “Rattenkrieg!” feels both menacing and attractive in some capacity, and this record is definitely something I’ll find myself crawling back to over and over again.

LISTEN to “Rattenkrieg!” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mofsed on Facebook here.

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