Orquìlux – The Sunset of My Last Breath

There are very few styles across all of metal that are as varied as black metal, and even then, just the term of “atmospheric black metal” covers an immeasurably wide swathe of material as so many bands have morphed the sound into such a fine-tuned and unique style that sometimes it varies from band to band with some not sounding alike at all. I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t enjoy it when bands like that incorporate elements that can be considered beautiful and not focus on metal as much as they do atmosphere. Personally, I can really dig it if it’s done right, and Orquìlux did an admirable job with their debut EP.

I’ve already done Orquìlux a massive injustice by pinning them solely as an atmospheric black act because that’s simply not the case as it’s across the five tracks that make up “The Sunset of My Last Breath” we’re given an absolutely wide array of different flavors that all gel into a black metal sound later on in the record. For a good chunk of the listen, we’re drenched in a beautiful kaleidoscope of sound that’s pulled from all sorts of different styles like symphonic and folk metal bring forth a sensation that feels like the most perfect spring day both during and immediately after the rain where you can feel the very essence of the wilderness in motion. Very few bands can achieve that and then proceed to have in contrast a black metal approach that feels just as harsh as you could ask from the genre, but it works in delivering that raw sound of ferocity coupled with a nature-fueled euphoria. Granted, I don’t find the vocals to be the best across the entire board, but in no way do they take away from any of the power at work here as Orquìlux has made a very solid entrance to the underground with this EP.

Where it feels some bands would become lost in the atmosphere or the black metal simply doesn’t work with many humble debuts like this, Orquìlux conducts the entire EP as though it was their tenth and they’ve been doing this for years. There’s so much flavor to go around with “The Sunset of My Last Breath” that I can’t help but see these guys getting even better as they get into the groove of it all. And with a debut full-length on the way, I wouldn’t expect anything short of interesting.

LISTEN to “The Sunset of My Last Breath” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Orquilux on Facebook here.

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