Aether – In Embers

They don’t come around too terribly often, but there has been a recent trend in the new generation of melodic death metallers where, instead of blood and guts and such, we’re given a much more colorful and far brighter take on metal that could previously only be found from styles like power metal. It was really with Countless Skies that I first got my introduction to this, of which I’ve been very vocal and will remain, and it’s since then that every so often I get a new take on the very approachable sound, and tonight it’s Aether that absolutely astonishes with their first full-length record, “In Embers”.

Don’t let that title confuse you to even dare think that this record is paltry compared to the competition and merely smolders next to other acts that could be called infernos of their own. No, instead, it’s with this entire record that Aether proves to wield the very same intoxicating flame with immense power and precision that comes from simply how enamoring “In Embers” is in every form from its songwriting to the sound production to the instrumentation to the beautifully diverse track listing. There’s so much flavor going into this record along with such a fantastical touch throughout the entire record that it really feels as though Aether would feel right at how in the world of power metal if they simply swapped out the vocals, but it works magnificently well as a death metal record with the vocals bringing the bulk of the style to the table but it’s with the intensity of it all that comes and goes beautifully to bring it all together that helps. “In Embers” has so much personality with the guest performances heightening the glory even more, and it’s obvious for the entirety of this beast that Aether really brought their A-game for this release and it’s nothing short of infectious and gorgeous as it’s everything modern melo-death bands have done that feels so much more refined somehow. I figured I’d be saying that about any other act and not a band from Poland that I’ve never heard of, but I can’t help but give such lauds to Aether because it’s fucking true for the whole of “In Embers” is a damned awesome time from beginning to end.

This was a real surprise in just about every way. I wasn’t expecting this excellence out of this band when they drifted to my attention and I didn’t know that I was needing something like this. “In Embers” is a real boost of dopamine right to the brain with such brilliance that I can continuously come back to sink my teeth into it as Aether has made every single inch of this record a bountiful treat that just keeps on giving with each listen. Of all the debuts that death metal has thrown my way in the last few months from all the different styles, this, without question, is one of the most impressive and I cannot help but urge you to mark your calendars for the release of this record. Aether is a small name at the moment, for sure, but it’s in this music that I see the greatness that’s only budding that will be the name people rally to in the future. Mark my words.

“In Embers” releases on June 1st!

LISTEN to an advanced song on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Aether on Facebook here.

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