Kingdom – Rotting Carcass Arise Upon the Burial Mound

To produce a sound that’s as hostile as well as immensely entertaining is to create death metal itself, but to make it an enjoyable experience without compromising through riffs or making it appealing to a wide audience in any sort of way is to have mastery over the style itself. Kingdom did very much that with their last album as it’s a piece that I visit every now and then to bask in its darkness, and I truly didn’t think they’d top it with their next album, yet that’s exactly what we’ve gotten here as this album is nothing short of bewildering.

Something I’ve always cherished when listening to any sort of album is diversity in sound. There are extremely few occasions where I could listen to and end up enjoying an album where every single song sounds virtually the same with no change of pace or an interlude of any sort. Death metal can go either way depending on the capability of the band in question, and I never once lumped Kingdom as a boring act in any capacity, but it’s single-handedly “Rotting Carcass Arise Upon the Burial Mound” that shows them to be a gripping act that death metal fans could clamor for immediately. Without relying on an immense set of riffs or catchy rhythms of any sort, Kingdom brings forth a truly scathing set instantly peels away the skin as Kingdom raises one dreg from the dirt after another. “Rotting Carcass” provides us with ten gloriously haunting songs, including a tasteful Samael cover, that seamlessly transfers with immense talent from a guttural performance brimming with undeath and blood-stained bones to ominous interludes that act as a poison to make you more susceptible to the oncoming onslaught that Kingdom prepares to unleash yet again before the true power of “Rotting Carcass” bursts forth in more of its magnificent chaos. And it’s all pulled off and brought together into one cohesive record phenomenally!

Where some may have tripped up somewhere along the line to make the record not feel as smooth, it’s here that Kingdom does no less than impress and devastate. I never would’ve guessed that Kingdom could’ve pulled out a record like this, and I’m so happy that I was able to discover what they’re actually capable of! “Rotting Carcass Arise Upon the Burial Mound” is a record that’s meant to take over the mind and infest as the rotting legions come for our flesh, and it’s heralding songs couldn’t be anymore intoxicating!

“Rotting Carcass Arise Upon the Burial Mound” releases on June 6th via Godz ov War!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Rotting Carcass Arise Upon the Burial Mound” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kingdom on Facebook here.


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