Tanith – In Another Time

There has long been a sentiment for the “golden years” of rock and metal as that’s where we typically think of whenever we imagine the legendary albums that still come to define our tastes no matter how diverse, simplistic, or multi-layered they are. It’s clear that there are simply legions of bands that are made to recreate those classic sounds out of some sort of reverence. The greatest modern example I can think of is Visigoth and I’ve wondered for a while now when the next band like Visigoth would come along to keep the classic flame going. With Tanith, I needed to look no further.

What I find particularly interesting about Tanith is how it has someone from the classy act of Satan in their midst, but don’t let that make you think Tanith is no more than a solo project for that guy to have another creative outlet. Instead, he is just one-quarter of the excellence that makes up Tanith as they do no less than absolutely dominate with a record that could fit perfectly within the scene and style of rock and metal the likes of which was constantly being dish out in 1979. And while that’s all well and good on its own, “In Another Time” brings to the table something that we don’t get a lot of anymore: two vocalists that are constantly working together through tremendous melodies and working out the rhythms as a seamless duo that simply makes every track of this impressive debut electric to the touch. I’ve spent hours with “In Another Time” at this point and it is truly the most compelling record of its kind that I’ve heard in over a year as it’s a true love letter to the classic days of the genre but simultaneously being a proud creation all on its own that breathes with its own breath, unassisted by leaning on the likes of Satan or other such acts to give it a leg up. In every possible way from that crisp cover art to the compelling vocals to the delicious strings that are no less than infectious to organic drums to overflowing passion, Tanith has made an effort that’s, without doubt, one of the greatest of its kind in today’s climate.

To stand on your own with an approach like this and not fumble for a moment as well as instantly bring a glorious reputation to your name is to achieve immediate greatness with work like this. I truly do believe that given time and the proper attention, Tanith could easily become something akin to Visigoth: a modern legend that’s sure to become the next wave of influencers for the young generations of aspiring metalheads who seek to create greatness of their own. For no in small fashion, “In Another Time” has set the bar.

“In Another Time” releases on May 24th via Metal Blade Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “In Another Time” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tanith on Facebook here.

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